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Next Meeting of the Cambridge Ontology Reading Group

The next meeting of the Ontology Reading Group will take place on the 11th of March at 8pm in the Kingston Arms (Kingston Street).

Please post suggestions for reading material either to the mailing list or as comments to the blog. I’ll circulate a final agenda a week before the meeting, and as mentioned before, we won’t expect much in terms of advance preparation.

We can also try to use the opportunity to informally discuss potentials for expanding our local collaborations?

Cheers, Janna


Announcing the First Meeting of the Ontology Reading Group

The  first Reading Group meeting will take place next thursday at 7pm at the Kingston Arms.

For reading material, let’s all read these two papers, which have similar topics:

Integrating phenotype ontologies across multiple species. Genome Biology

Linking Human Diseases to Animal Models Using Ontology-Based Phenotype
Annotation. PLoS Biol 7(11): e1000247.

*beforehand* please ;-).

The third suggested paper we’ll carry over to our meeting next month.

All the best,


Announcing the next Meeting of the Ontology Reading Group

Dear All,

the next meeting of the  Cambridge Ontology Reading Group will take place on the 4th of February at 7:00 pm in the Kingston Arms, Kingston Street, Cambridge.

Please suggest reading material in the comments section of the blog. If we get too many suggestions, we can carry over to the next few months as well.

All the best,