The Fast and the Furious?

Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann gave a talk at the Ontology Interest Group today on using ontologies within the contact of text mining. It provided a lot of perspective and I think gave a strong and convincing use case as to how ontologies could be used. It also poses questions as to how amenable to such analysis ontologies are. For instance, those developed in upper ontologies which often use abstract terminology such as those seen in BFO do not reflect normal biological language. Relations such as has_quality for relating phenotypic information are unlikely to produce results used on current biomedical literature. There is also a suggestion that an increased number of more granular relationships can help to improve this analysis. Minimally, richer synoyms for both classes and relationships would help both text mining analysis and human understanding.

My favourite quote of the talk:
“Ontology: The Slow and the Furious”.


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