BBC One-tology

There was a recent posting to the OntoGenesis network I thought it would be worth sharing. It highlights some of the work done at the BBC on wildlife linked data at the new Wildlife finder.

This work was done by Tom Scott and Leigh Dodds et al and can be found at

It appears the BBC are using the ontology to generate rather attractive web pages on various taxa, e.g.

and by adding ‘.rdf’ to the end of each link, a dereferenceable rdf fragment is visible:

This is not the first time the BBC have looked into using ontologies, although it is clearly the most relevant to bioontologies. They have also spend time on developing a ‘programme ontology‘ which is also publicly available. The BBC are not alone in large organisations investing time into ontology usage. Last year, NASA announced it too had been using ontologies to perform automated data analysis and for organising earth and environmental terminology. Perhaps the kill aspp is on its way;  Google-ontology…


  1. Hi

    You might be interested in the talk I gave at the London Linked Data meet-up, here are the slides:

    It provides a bit of background to our work on Wildlife Finder.

    It’s also worth noting that we don’t generate the site from the ontology – my approach to web design is very ‘thing’ centric and I believe that if something is worth publishing it needs it’s own URL – both of these mean that it’s a doddle to document the ontology and create RDF representations.

    Michael Smethurst and I wrote a paper for Nodalities describing our work on /programmes ( the same approach was adopted for Wildlife Finder.

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