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Thanks to Duncan Hull and Midori Harris for their talks today on OWL language and OBO format. The merits of both have been discussed, argued and fought over previously on several other online fora so it is probably not worth me recapitulating all of these. Instead I will point to some useful pages online and leave it to others to detail. From my own personal perspective, and without revealing any preferences, I would say that it is my belief the OWL specification driven approach has greatly benefited from the OBO format user driven approach and vice versa. It is also clear to me we are still learning from each other even now.

Phil Lord: OBO Format to Manchester Syntax

Carole Goble and Chris Wroe (2004). The Montagues and the Capulets Comparative and Functional Genomics, 5 (8), 623-632 DOI: 10.1002/cfg.442

Allyson Lister: OBO to OWL and back again

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