Announcing the second meeting of the Ontology Interest Group at the EBI

Our next meeting will be held on the 28th of January at 11:00 in A2-33.

There is an exciting line-up of speakers, who will give short presentations about the topics we decided on in the last meeting:

Robert Hoehndorf: “What is an Ontology?”
Robert will discuss the origins and development of ontology in philosophy and the cross-over of the discipline into computer science, knowledge representation and AI. He will also address what “ontology” means to different group of people and what the relationship between philosophical ontology and ontology in CS is today. Philosophers have a direct impact on the work of biologists these days, as those of you who have come into contact with or participate in the OBO Foundry will appreciate. Therefore this talk is an important foundation for our future work.

Duncan Hull: “Protege and its Ecosystem”
Protege is arguably the most important tool for ontology engineering at the moment. As such it has eveolved a whole ecosystem of add-ons and functionality, which facilitate ontology construction and maintenance. Duncan will aim to provide us with a first overview over the Protege system. This is part of an ongoing series and in future talks we will look at other tools for collaborative development of ontologies, other ontology editors, reasoners etc…

Short use case 1: James Malone: “Ontologically Modeling Sample Variables in Gene Expression Data”
Short use case 2: Dietrich Rebhold-Schuhmann: “Extraction of GO terms from literature for the identification of gene-disease associations”

We should finish the meeting at 12:00 and after that there should be plenty of time for further discussion over lunch.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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